My name is Rudra Sharma and most of my friends call me by Robby. I am a Software Engineer student currently in my 2nd year of university and living in Toronto, Canada. I have been passionate for programming ever since I was 11 years old because of the limitless opportunities that can be implemented to form a useful product that can help people in many ways.

As a programmer, I have knowledge in Java, PHP, Visual Basic.NET, MySQL, HTML and WordPress. Some of my projects include games such as Black Jack, written in VB.Net, Report Card Comment Generator for Schools also written in VB.NET, a Schedule Managing App for sorting out work shifts written in Java/Android Studio and many more can be found on my GitHub page linked below.

I am very proud of my work and enjoy implementing each new project that I have the opportunity to work with. For further info, feel free to look around my portfolio website and do not hesitate to contact me!


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